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Finally, a discovery that creates vibrant health, and reverses symptoms in just 8 weeks – without lifelong medications.

IQYOU has integrated The Toxin Solution discoveries and personalized your solution, just for you.

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno’s discovery: everyday toxins are disrupting the endocrine system, overtaxing the gut and overwhelming the detox organs causing fatigue, pain and other daily symptoms – the primary cause of the epidemic rise of chronic conditions including:

  • Auto-immune issues which effect 1 in 5 people
  • Weight-gain in the majority of adults
  • Obesity in 1/3 of the population
  • Blood sugar imbalances, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes – 37% of adults
  • Heart disease, and over 75% of the most common chronic conditions.

The facts: every adult is effected by every day toxins. Amazing reversals begin from priming the detox organs, and following the full-body detox.

The Toxin Solution

4 Proven Steps to Restore Your Vitality


Note: without properly priming your detox organs through this specifically developed program, the result is stirring-up toxins that your overtaxed system can’t eliminate, causing more pain, more symptoms and more misery.


“The reversals in symptoms, chronic conditions, and the return to vibrant health has been the norm with thousands of past patients who followed this comprehensive detox program.”

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Founder

Bastyr University and author of The Toxin Solution

Personalized Detox for a New YOU

Each of us have different exposures and our biochemistry is one-of-a-kind. IQYOU provides a customized program as unique as you.

  • Discover your unique toxic risks from thousands of data points.
  • Get your Toxic Risk Score.
  • Order your specific detox supplements designed for your unique needs.
    Follow Dr. Pizzorno’s 4-step program to rejuvenate your detox organs.

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