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Enter your input into the HIPAA-compliant
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Personalized Health Recommendations

Personalized Recommedations

“There isn’t anything like this. Thank you for this great tool.”

James Fukaye, CA

“This is an incredible resource for collaboration… with my clients..”

Margo Gladding, MS, CNS, LDN –Herbalist, Nutritionist

Discover Important Indicators for Thriving – DNA and Lab Integration

For the first time ever – upload your 23andme DNA and add your labs to provide the ultimate in personalized health guidance!

DNA and Labs


Receive Personalized Food and Recipe
Recommendations (at your fingertips)

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine provides instant feedback on the key nutrients which match your individual profile. IQYOU takes this one step further: to recommend the specific foods, and even recipes… personalized to your unique biochemical needs. Get what your body needs to repair, rebuild, and refuel. Feel energized to thrive again at our peak levels.


“You’ve taken the guesswork out of my vitamins. It’s great to know that I’m getting what I need.”

Vanessa O’Grady, Denver

“DNA told me a lot about what I shouldn’t be doing”

Katherine Wolfe, Portland


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