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Why Custom Supplements?

Your Optimum Health & Best Life Depends On It.

You’re unique – within each one of us there are billions of possible
combinations working against a single goal – Your optimum health.

And yet, although each person’s biochemistry is one-of-a-kind,
the vast majority of consumers settle for a “one-size-fits-all”
approach to better wellness…until now…


A generic made for the masses or

A customized formula made just for you.

We believe your supplements should address your needs – not someone else’s.
Why is this important? Because there’s no other way of knowing that you’re getting exactly what your body needs:
• Addresses Your Unique Deficiencies
• Targets Underlying Dysfunctions
• Critically important when taking prescriptions which can have numerous reactions

We don’t believe wellness should be measured “on a curve” – that’s why IQYOU, in
partnership with Salugenisist and Village Green Apothacary, has developed the
world’s first truly customized online supplement program.

IQYOU is the first online program to actually review your body’s specific biochemical
needs, and combine that information with a holistic, integrative overview of your
body’s unique health challenges … the result is a custom-tailored supplement program
designed specifically for YOU.

Simply Genius: IQYOU Custom Supplements are the
important first step to creating a new, healthier you.

The Benefits of Custom Supplements
• Eliminates the guesswork and “shotgun” approach of trying to match your body’s basic needs with a generic,
“one-size” supplement dose. Each custom supplement is engineered specifically for you – right down to the
dosage and form that best suits your needs.
• Feel better faster. By including only what your body needs (and leaving out what it doesn’t need), custom
supplements can get to work immediately, helping to eliminate the root causes, imbalances, and toxins that
create symptoms. You’ll see results more quickly, and your body works more efficiently with a perfectly matched
combination of vitamins and essential nutrients.
• Eliminates the precursors to chronic disease and aging. Using a complex algorithmic matrix, IQYOU pinpoints the
deficiencies present in your body’s chemistry and eliminates the barriers to optimum health. These deficiencies
have been proven to be the precursors to over 200 diseases! Your recommendations are backed by the latest
research, shown with your solutions.

“What Makes My Needs So ‘Unique?”
• Diets and nutritional challenges vary tremendously from person to person – even within
the same household.
• Your personal lifestyle plays a vital role in determining what specific nutrients you may be
• Your family history and health background is critical to addressing your specific health
• Antibiotics and dietary habits can reduce healthy GI flora and result in poor indigestion …
furthermore, certain prescriptions and common foods can work against and actually
cancel out the benefits of certain supplements (and reduce the prescription’s
• Age, sex, and weight determine different needs. A 26 year old woman does not have the
same challenges as a 61 year old woman … nor will a high performing athlete share the
same needs as a diabetic struggling
with obesity.
• As such, specific conditions and symptoms – unique only to you – require unique

What You’ll Receive

A monthly auto-shipped box with convenient tear-off daily supplement
packs. The formula and dosage of each pack is engineered to your body’s
personal needs and challenges, as identified through the IQYOU process.

Highest Quality Ingredients

The sourcing of ingredients and the manufacturing process goes through a
rigorous quality control review to exceed the highest standards of one of the
most respected integrative medical leaders in the world, Dr Joseph Pizzorno
and his team at Salugenisist, Inc.

You Automatically Receive Full Membership
In The IQYOU Platform!

When you order your custom supplements, you’ll receive free access to the
full IQYOU platform listed in the IQYOU tools section – this includes the full Diet
Analyzer, Nutritional Food Guide, Daily Goals, Interactive Health Report, and
much, much more. Custom formulated supplements combined with the
IQYOU platform is a transformative change in the way we will approach
healthcare in the 21st century and beyond